Sal Praschnik

Sal Praschnik started in the jewelry business in 1951 and established his own business in 1968.

Celebrating 50 years of design and crafting this year!



Bold, daring, elegant and classic pieces are the product of Sal Praschnik’s lifelong dedication.


Born in cuba, Sal began his career in the diamond industry in 1946. Three years later he migrated to the United States, where after being drafted to serve with the US marines in the Korean War he resumed his work in a jewelry manufacturing company in New York. After nineteen years he moved to Miami, Florida, and founded Sal Praschnik Jewels.


Almost fifty years have passed since Sal began his jewelry company During this time he has established a great team of collaborators: which includes David, his son and greatest legacy, Virginia, his daughter-in-law and the company’s international award-winning designer: and other very experienced and talented craftspeople.


Sal’s experience and desire to create timeless pieces, paired with the social and cultural diversity that make Miami a vibrant hub of elegance and wealth, have inspired him to create beautiful jewelry admired by people all over the world. Among them, foreign dignitaries, United States presidents, ambassadors, royalty, professional athletes and movie stars.


Love this place! Their jewelry is gorgeous and they will also custom make anything you can imagine. The people are so helpful and their pricing is quite reasonable. Have been going here for years and would highly recommend it.


Praschnik Jewelers are great! I always feel welcomed when I come over. They are great jewelers, amazing designers. I had some very complicated repairs, fancy remodeling of my very expensive jewelry pieces. They did amazing job! Price was fair. Timing was perfect, very quick. I recommend them to all my friends. They are the jewelers you will enjoy dealing with!


Excellent service, always very helpful and able to understand and put into action customer needs. Their work is flawless and highly recommendable. They have done repairs and custom made items, and in both categories I was more than happy! Anything I can think of regarding jewelry, watches repair and gifts this is the place.


Our biggest thrill is to see our jewelry being enjoyed. This satisfaction fuels our passion to continue creating marvelous and timeless jewelry collections.

1993 Jewel Award – Jewelers Of America.
1993 Vision Award – American Pearl.
1994-1995 Jewel Award –1 st Runner up – Jewelers of America.
1995 Diamonds Today For Every Day – Winner De Beers.
1996 World Gold Council and Town and Country Magazine selected Unity for the 100 Anniversary Issue of Town and Country Magazine.
1996 Buyer’s Choice Award. Modern Jeweler.
1997 “Single Diamond Necklace” Selected by De Beers ‘Nation wide promotion.
1997 Diva Award” WJA – 2nd Prize – “Woman at Work”
1997 2nd Best Designer of the World for “Rosa Okubo”
1997 Honors from the Japanese Pearl Promotion Service “Dove Pearl”
1997 The Modern Jeweler’s “Buyers Choice Award”
1998 Platinum Passion Award – Winner – Platinum Guild International Hinged
1999 Vision Award – American Pearl Company “Beauty” for Spring Blossom.

2002 World Gold Council. Power Series Rings for the Year’s Trend Setter.
2005 Japanese intl Pearl Contest – Finalist “Urban Pearl”
2005 30th Intl. Pearl Design – Japan – Finalist.
2007 Journey Diamond Design Diva – Winner
2007 Designer Div Journey Diamond – Diamond Promotion Service
2008 Jewelers Choice Award. Winner – Diamond Path
2008 Jewelers Choice Award. Journey Finalist – Stepping Stones
2008 Jewelers Choice Award. Finalist: Journey Tag
2008 Best Journey Diamond Jewelry Design – The JCK Jewelers Choice Award
2009 Finalist Contemporary Legends in Gold over $5000 – The JCK Jewelers Choice Award
2009 Jewelers Choice Award. 2nd Place. Legends In Gold.
2010 Gold Jewelry over $2000 – The JCK Jewelers Choice Award
2011 Jewelers Choice Award. Finalist – Bubbles Bracelet
2016 Jewelers Choice Award. Finalist – Tulip Bracelet