Elevating Moments Through Craftsmanship: Celebrating Sal Praschnik jewelers’ Award-Winning Designs.

Elevate your range with Sal Praschnik’s exceptional and imaginative jewelry collections, ensuring your establishment is recognized alongside our acclaimed legacy of awards and recognition.

Sal Praschnik jewelers has received numerous awards for its exceptional designs and craftsmanship. However, their most incredible thrill is seeing their jewelry enjoyed by their valued clients. This satisfaction fuels their passion for continuing to create marvelous and timeless jewelry collections.

  • Jewel Award – Jewelers Of America.
  • Vision Award – American Pearl.
  • Jewel Award –1st Runner up – Jewelers of America.
  • Diamonds Today For Every Day – Winner De Beers.
  • World Gold Council and Town and Country Magazine selected Unity for the 100 Anniversary Issue of Town and Country Magazine.
  • Buyer’s Choice Award. Modern Jeweler.
  • “Single Diamond Necklace” Selected by De Beers ‘Nationwide promotion.
  • Diva Award” WJA – 2nd Prize – “Woman at Work”
  • 2nd Best Designer of the World for “Rosa Okubo”
  • Honors from the Japanese Pearl Promotion Service “Dove Pearl”
  • The Modern Jeweler’s “Buyers Choice Award”
  • Platinum Passion Award – Winner – Platinum Guild International Hinged
  • Vision Award – American Pearl Company “Beauty” for Spring Blossom.
  • World Gold Council. Power Series Rings for the Year’s Trend Setter.
  • Japanese Int’l Pearl Contest – Finalist “Urban Pearl”
  • 30th Intl. Pearl Design – Japan – Finalist.
  • Journey Diamond Design Diva – Winner
  • Designer Div Journey Diamond – Diamond Promotion Service
  • Jewelers Choice Award. Winner – Diamond Path
  • Jewelers Choice Award. Journey Finalist – Stepping Stones
  • Jewelers Choice Award. Finalist: Journey Tag
  • Best Journey Diamond Jewelry Design – The JCK Jewelers Choice Award
  • Finalist Contemporary Legends in Gold over $5000 – The JCK Jewelers Choice Award
  • Jewelers Choice Award. 2nd Place. Legends In Gold.
  • Gold Jewelry over $2000 – The JCK Jewelers Choice Award
  • Jewelers Choice Award. Finalist – Bubbles Bracelet
  • Jewelers Choice Award. Finalist – Tulip Bracelet