“I am continually impressed by the exceptional craftsmanship of Sal Praschnik’s jewelry pieces. The attention to detail is truly remarkable, whether it’s for our wholesale orders or individual customer requests.”

Gennette Norman, Owner, E J SAIN JEWELERS

“Sal Praschnik’s creations stand out in the world of jewelry. The care and precision he puts into each piece are evident, making them perfect for our wholesale inventory and discerning clientele.”

Carry DeVaulle, buyer

“Having sourced jewelry from various artisans, I must say Sal Praschnik’s pieces are a cut above the rest. The fine finishes and quality materials make them a preferred choice for both our store and individual customers.”

Wayne Clark, Clark Jewelers

“As a longtime partner of Praschnik Fine Jewelers, I can vouch for the consistent excellence of their work. Sal’s attention to detail ensures that each piece, whether part of a wholesale collection or a custom order, is a work of art.”

George Honney, George's Gilded Legacy Jewelers